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AZV Team

Mr. Ng Ken Nee (Kenny)
Chief Executive Officer

Kenny Ng’s passion for animals was heavily influenced by his father who was an elephant mahout. Therefore, upon completing school, he took on his first job as a Zoo Keeper in the Singapore Zoological Gardens and thus began his path in the animal management industry. Since then, his repertoire of experience includes as an animal trainer, aquarist and zookeeper of a wide range of both land and marine mammal collections. Throughout Ng’s 15 years in the industry, he has had the opportunity to work in various facilities throughout South East and held different management and consultant positions. He is well known for his experience, skills and expertise in animal training and management, helping Zoos, Aquariums and Marine parks elevate their level of animal care and training, animal husbandry as well as and develop staff progression and advancement plans. Fuelled by passion to improve animal welfare, training and management, Ng established AquaZoo Vision in 2011. His mission for AZV is to be recognised as a leading animal welfare and management consultancy service offers the best solutions for Zoos, Aquariums and Marine Park facilities.


Mr. John Valentine
AZV Advisor


John Valentine is a well-known American marine mammal trainer with almost 30 years in the marine mammal industry. One of his noted achievements was as key consultant trainer for the famous killer whale Keiko (Free Willy). Armed with his skills and experiences in marine mammal husbandry, management and training, he has played a pivotal role to educate and improve marine mammal facilities around the world. As such, Valentine has held numerous consultant and higher management positions in various marine mammal facilities around the world such as Mirage Hotel Las Vegas, Sea World San Diego, Baltimore Aquarium, Bangkok Safari World, Beijing Aquarium, International resort Cambodia, Iceland Working with Keiko, Porosus Malaysia and Ocean Adventure Philippines.


Ms. Yukiko Ozawa
AZV Animal Behavior and Management Officer


Yukiko Ozawa is a certified Psychologist, PADI Dive Instructor and swim Instructor. Her love for water spurred her to embark in a career as a marine mammal specialist – an industry she has been passionate about for more than 20 years.

Throughout her career, Ozawa has worked in a number of marine mammal facilities worldwide such as Roatan Bay Island of Honduras, Curacao Sea Aquarium, New York Aquarium, Resort World Sentosa, Underwater World Singapore and Delfinalio, Reino Aventura, Mexico.Part of her role was to implement mammal husbandry, management and training programmes in these facilities.



Mr. Loh Sing Khai
AZV Aquarium and LSS Consultant


Loh Sing Khai’s first introduction into the aquarium industry was an as Aquarist. Fast forward 20 years later, his passion in the industry has grown leaps and bounds with a speciality in designing exhibits for aquariums and zoos, as well as LSS installing.

Loh has played a pivotal role in setting up several renowned aquariums in Malaysia. He has helped to build numerous salt and freshwater aquarium for private collectors and restaurants around the country.