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AquaZoo Vision has been carefully built on the expertise of its network of experts and their work with a variety of species; ranging from land to marine mammals in different zoos and aquarium facilities across the world.


AZV’s long list of capabilities covers four key areas in animal care and facility management:


1. Animal welfare enrichment and training


I) Propose and implement husbandry programmes for the specific needs of the facility and animals


II) Ensure proper animal health, medical and monitoring system which includes diet, nutrition and breeding programmes for both land and marine animals


III) Establish animal enrichment programmes


IV) Develop and implement proper standard operating procedures and protocols for effective animal training


2. Staff training and development


I) Review current staff training and development programme to enhance their skills and quality of personnel


II) Assist to identify and provide the necessary manpower such as trainers, Aquarists, Zookeepers, Veterinarians and lab techs for the facility


III) Develop and oversee volunteer programmes catered to the needs of the facility


IV) Staff evaluation and career development programme


V) Provide required manpower to establish interim management


3. Facility planning, design, management and maintenance


I) Consult on facility and exhibit design, physical requirements and maintenance based on animal needs and industry standards and regulations


II) Assist to source animals for exhibits and provide logistical arrangement for animal transportation


4. Interactive educational programmes


I) Review current materials to enhance current educational programmes


II) Propose and develop educational and interactive programmes suited for various age groups and audience


III) Train the trainer sessions to effectively carry out the programmes


IV) Provide the necessary trainers and materials to coordinate and implement the programme